«Grand Textile Production»




Production capacity of finished knitwear

"Grand Textile Production" is 100 thousand copies per month,

this is sufficient capacity for the production of knitwear

in large volumes and in the shortest possible time according to samples

developed models, with the introduction of technologically possible changes,

and also according to the customer's samples.

The factory is equipped with modern high-tech equipment,

such as-Mayer & Cie, Terrot (Germany), Jumberca (Spain),

Pilotelli (Italy), Orizio (Italy), Amtek (Czech Republic),

this makes it possible to achieve high quality in knitting production.

Grand Textile Production has developed a wide range of

the range of yarns of the highest quality.

The company "Grand Textile Production" is engaged in the production of all types of high-quality knitwear and ready-made knitwear. On an ongoing basis, the company conducts research and marketing research on the export of manufactured products products to different countries of the world.

  • INTERLOCK with packing packs

    100% cotton, knitted fabric, 30/1 carded. Pack size: 0.90-1.10 m x 0.10-0.15 m x 0.65-0.70 m, density 180 gr. -210 gr. per sq. m + / - 5%
  • INTERLOCK with gaskets in rolls

    100% cotton, knitted fabric, 30/1 carded, width from 1.60 to 1.90 density 180 gr. -220 gr. per sq. m +/-5%
  • INTERLOCK in rolls

    100% cotton knitted fabric, 1. Singing 30/1, width from 1.60 m to 2.0 m, the density of 180 grams.-220 gr. per sqm +/- 5%
  • One-WAY PIQUE in bundles

    100% cotton, knitted fabric, 30/1 carded, pack size: 0.90-1.0 m x 0.20-0.25 m x 0.65-0.70 m, density 160 gr. - 190 gr. per sq. m + / - 5%
  • Single-SIDED PIQUE in rolls

    100% cotton knitted fabric, 30/1 card, width from 1.80-2.10 m, density 160 gr. - 200 gr. per sq. m + / - 5%
  • CASARSE kidney

    95% cotton, 5% lycra knitted fabric, 30/1 carded. Pack size: 0.40-0.48 m x 0.20-0.25 m x 065, - 070m, density 210 gr. - 230 gr. per sq. m + / - 5%
  • CASARSE kidney

    95% cotton, 5% lycra, knitted fabric, 30/1 carded. Pack size: 0.40-0.48 m x 0.20-0.25 m x 065, - 070m, density 210 gr. - 230 gr. per sq. m + / - 5%
  • FOOTER DUCHNICKA with fleece in the kidney

    100% cotton, knitted fabric, 20/20 card. Pack size: 0.90 m-1.10 m x 0.20-0.25 m x0, 70-0, 75 m, density 180 gr. - 240 gr. per sq. m + / - 5%
  • FOOTER of a two-PRONGED kidney

    100% cotton, knitted fabric, 30/20 card. Pack size: 0.90 m-1.1 m x 0.20-0.25 m x0, 70-0, 75 m, density 180 gr. - 240 gr. per sq. m + / 5%
  • COLERNE (Suprem) with gaskets in packs

    100% cotton, knitted fabric, 30/1 penye. Pack size: 0.80-0.85 m x 0.10-0.15 m x 0.60-0.75 m, density 145 gr. - 160 gr. per sq. m + / - 5%
  • FOOTER DVUNITKA in rolls

    70% cotton, 25% polyester, 5 % lycra knitted fabric 30/1 card. Size width of 1.85-2.0 m, the density of 220 gr. - 250 gr. per sqm +/- 5%

The motto of the company -

Quality, it's fashionable and practical!




«Grand Textile Production»

a company whose main activity is the production of knitwear in a wide range.


The products of our company are knitted fabrics made of cotton and cotton blends with polyester, elastane, viscose.

The production process at the enterprise begins with knitting, then dyeing and finishing. Before opening, the canvas is tested and checked.

Control is carried out at each stage of production. Our main goal is to produce high-quality knitwear

and meet your needsour customers.


Quality and timely delivery are priorities for our company.

The success of our company lies in the coordination between marketing, logistics, planning and production.

The factory's current production volume is over 60 tons of knitted fabric per month.


Currently, "GRAND TEXTILE PRODUCTION" sells its products not only in the consumer market in Uzbekistan, but is in demand in the markets of the far East and neighboring countries.


We offer you a knitted fabric: Velour, Footer, Kulir, Pique, Melange, Fulicra stretch, Interlock,

Kashkorse, Ribana.

We also offer knitting services on a tolling basis .

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Call the administration


Two textile exhibitions opened in Uzbekistan!


"Textile equipment and technologies-CAITME”

"Textile industry – Textile Expo Uzbekistan”

Events organized by the International

exhibition company

ITE-Uzbekistan with the assistance of the Ministry of foreign economic relations, investment and trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbekengilsanoat joint-stock company, chamber of Commerce and industry, Association of fashion designers

and designers of Uzbekistan "oshie Ramzi".

A large number of participants of the tenth exhibition

"Textile equipment and technologies-CAITME" and the thirteenth exhibition "Textile industry-Textile Expo Uzbekistan" allows us to talk about exhibitions as the most representative expositions

in the CIS and Central Asia.


At this year's exhibitions, they present their modern technologies

and products more than 270 companies from 22 countries, including China,

South Korea, USA, France, Germany, Japan, great Britain, Belarus, Belgium, India, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Switzerland and others.


At the exhibition " Textile equipment and technologies-CAITME”

business entities of our country can get acquainted with modern technologies being implemented enter the global textile industry, establish direct contacts and exchange experience with leading foreign manufacturers. The sections show embroidery equipment, printing machines, sock machines, compressors, sewing needles, quality control systems, textile chemicals and dyes, and others, without which it is impossible to ensure a full-fledged production

process in the textile industry.


More than 70 companies are debutants of the CAITME exhibition. The attention of visitors is attracted by knitting and winding equipment "Beck GmbH" (Germany), a cutting shop Ima Spa (Italy), Dalgakiran compressors (Turkey)and Atlas Copco (Kazakhstan).


International exhibitions contribute to a broad attraction

in the sphere of modern technologies of the weaving industry, stimulating the entry of our country's producers into new markets

and the development of light industry.

Cotton and textile fair opened in Tashkent!


The 13th international Uzbek cotton and textile fair opened in the capital's Uzexpocenter on Monday. The 76th plenary meeting of the International cotton Advisory Committee is also being held on October 23-27. About 1,500 foreign guests from more than 50 countries are expected to take part in the international forum.


Welcoming the guests of the forum, Chairman of the Board of Uzpakhtasanoatexport Akmal Kamalov noted that the cotton growing industry of Uzbekistan faces the task of maintaining the existing production volumes of cotton fiber while optimizing the acreage and reducing the area under cotton.

According to him, for this purpose, farms are testing drip irrigation systems for cotton, which will make it possible to save up to 65% of the water consumed in cotton growing and at the same time increase productivity. Farmers implementing drip irrigation and other water-saving technologies are granted tax benefits, in particular, they are exempt

from paying land tax and other types of taxes for a period of five years, Akmal Kamalov said.


Speaking about the modernization of the cotton complex, he cited the example of projects in Bukhara, Navoi

and Syrdarya regions of cotton and textile clusters with a full cycle of in-depth processing of cotton fiber, including the cultivation of raw cotton and other crops, their processing and production

finished products with high added value.


The industry operates 98 cotton gins in 13 regions of the Republic. Cotton mills annually harvest more than 3 million tons of raw cotton, which produces about 1 million tons of cotton fiber, more than 1.6 million tons of cotton seeds,

80 thousand tons of lint and other products.


All cotton mills in Uzbekistan have undergone technical re-equipment. Complete modernization and reconstruction projects have been completed for 52 of them. In 2017-2021

it is planned to optimize technological processes at 46 plants.


Mechanization of raw cotton harvesting is a priority task for Uzbekistan, noted Akmal Kamalov.


"In the very near future, Uzbekistan plans to significantly increase the volume of machine harvesting of cotton. Production of cotton harvesters is organized on the basis of the Tashkent mechanical plant and JSC "Technologist". The requirements for the quality of machine-picked raw cotton, introduced in 2016 in the state standard, are designed to encourage farmers to increase its volume, " he stressed.

Since the 2016 cotton harvesting campaign, special marking of cotton bales has been included in the list of mandatory procedures. Absolutely all the volumes collected are tracked at cotton mills

machines of raw cotton, and bales with fiber are marked with a special sign,

indicating the type of collection — manual or machine, said the head of the holding.


In the Ferghana and Jizzakh regions, together with the International Finance Corporation, a pilot project has been launched to introduce a standard for sustainable development of cotton production based on the BCI principles and including the creation of an agribusiness model for the production of improved cotton. Based on the results obtained, the use of new technologies will be adapted and in other regions.


Since last year, the procedure for receiving raw cotton from farmers at procurement points has been optimized, the head of Uzpakhtasanoatexport said. Since the current season, a system of electronic sales of cotton fiber through an electronic trading platform has been introduced.


In the future, it is planned to attract volumes of cotton fiber for sale from neighboring countries (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan), as well as expand the range of cotton products sold (lint, fluff, ulyuk) and textile products,

Akmal Kamalov said.


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We focus on quality, style and trendsin the textile industry.

It remains only to purchase the textile products offered to You!

We take into account everything-themes, emotionality, as a whole range of new fabrics,

as well as individual copies of fabrics and clothing products - color scheme, depth, the amount of texture drawing and much more.




We try to provide you with a choice so "delicious" that it "blows the roof".

Treat yourself and your customers - comfort and good mood!

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